USAID Higher Education Scholarship Program

Community Service and Engagement

Community Service and Engagement (CSE) manages LAU’s USAID University Scholarship Program (USP), which allows academically qualified but financially underprivileged Lebanese students from public high schools to attend the university.  The program aims to provide quality education in various majors and develop the leadership potential of the students, providing them with the skills necessary to build their communities.

Volunteering Program (OCEVP)

CSE launched in Fall 2019 a volunteering program “Outreach & Civic Engagement Volunteering Program” (OCEVP), specifically for LAU students under the Higher Education Scholarship (HES) program.

Those allocating LAU HES volunteers should complete 4 hours of volunteer activities per month. Accordingly we will be sharing with you the list of assigned LAU HES volunteers on a monthly basis.

Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

Geared for scholars of the University Scholarship Program, the IDP is a live document that guides students throughout their years at LAU, and brings CSE up to speed on their interests and needs. It allows the scholars to explore their holistic potential and advance their soft skills, character development and career-readiness.