USAID Higher Education Scholarship Program

The Lebanese American University is pleased to introduce and launch the following Higher Education Scholarship Program: University Scholarship Program (USP VIII-Cohort 2) and the Refugee/Displaced Scholarship Support (RSS) which offers university-bound students a unique opportunity to pursue quality higher education. The program aims to provide undergraduate scholarships to promising public and private high school students and technical school graduates from all governorates of Lebanon.

The Lebanese American University is also offering a unique opportunity to pursue a one-year certificate program for non-Lebanese refugees/Displaced, public and private high school students residing in all governorates of Lebanon.

This ambitious and generous program is made possible with the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Student beneficiaries will experience LAU’s high/rigorous academic standards and a campus environment that promotes social equality and critical thinking. Moreover, it is mandatory for all students to engage in volunteer work, attend leadership and career workshops, and complete internships to complement their academic studies.


If a student spent at least one of the three secondary years in a private school, then the student and his/her parents must contribute (pay) towards the tuition fees of the University they enroll in. Students and parents should pay a proportional amount to the average school tuition in grades 10, 11 & 12 irrespective of what the source of payment was. In other words, if the parent/student was paying $3000 per year in grade 10, $2000 per year in grade 11, and $130 per year in grade 12, then the required parents’ contribution to the tuition of the University under USP will be ($3000+$2000+$130)/3 = $1,170 per year.